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Why Join MCSA

Complete your On-Line membership immediately at New Member Signup 
Existing members trying to rewew their membership should login and look for the renewal link under their Name by placing the cursor there to reveal the link. 
As a Member you will receive:

Support a top one-design Class and its Website. MCSA monitors the development of the MC and closely guards the one-design integrity of the class

Receive a $5 discount when registering for regional regattas on-line
Be eligible to sail in MCSA sanctioned regattas
Receive our MC magazine, the Touch of Class, two times a year
Receive our electronic newsletter, the Tell-Tale
Access to the members only section which includes: placing free MC-related classified ads on-line, and Forums with maintenance & go fast tips!
Be eligible to vote on MCSA business

Be eligible to serve on the Board of Governors

“The value of your boat depends on the success of your class”


Membership Categories are:
Regular     ($35): All of the membership privileges as outlined above and more.
Sustaining ($55): Consider becoming a Sustaining member. A gold colored sticker differentiates this level of membership and more importantly signifies your additional commitment to further expand the class. Each year these additional funds will be targeted for specific marketing purposes. During this sailing season Sustaining membership funds will be earmarked to promote MC sailing to the future of our class by subsidizing youth oriented regattas, youth racing clinics, and youth MCSA memberships. 
Youth (Complimentary!): Available for Youth sailors (under 25 years). As a member, your sponsored youth will receive the Touch of Class and Tell-Tale publications, a $5.00 discount when registering for regional regattas on-line, and be eligible to compete in Sanctioned events.  This is a great opportunity to encourage your children to connect with their MC family! This program is made possible by Sustaining membership funds. To take advantage of this benefit, send the following information pertaining to your dependent(s) to  :
   Full Name
    Date of Birth
    Email Address
    Mailing Address
    Home & Cell Phone #s
    Boat Number (if separate from your own) 
Please note, membership is per person and ends on December 31 regardless of when you sign up during the year except for: a one month grace period for December. We do not use the anniversary date method.
Complete your On-Line membership immediately at New Member Signup 


MCSA prefers you join or renew your membership on-line. If you do not want to take advantage of the easy and fast on-line registration, you have the option to print a Membership form and mail it in. Go here to print form: Membership Form 

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